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  • Toony kemono style
  • 3D eyes
  • Static jaw


  • Fursuit head
  • Stuffed handpaws
  • Tail

Full Suit

  • Head, handpaws, and tail
  • Zip-on outdoor feetpaws
  • Padded bodysuit


  • Lightweight and hollow headbase
  • Interior completely lined with quilted broadcloth or colorfast neoprene, with an adjustable padded head strap fitting up to 25.5”
  • All seams sewn with high quality thread
  • Excellent vision and ventilation
  • 3D eyes with dye sublimated eye mesh, which includes custom art on the front and solid black on the back for visibility
  • Soft mochi minky tongue, which can be removed via Velcro
  • Soft mochi minky nose, which contains an NFC chip that leads to our website by default. It can be programmed to a different link of your choice, if desired
  • Cute felt details, including lips, eyebrows, and eyelashes
  • Super squishy mochi minky beans
  • Removable neoprene pillows for finger padding
  • Unlined interior, with mochi minky cuff at the wrist
  • Round and plush four finger design
Indoor Sockpaws
  • Super soft mochi minky paw pads
  • Fully lined with quilted broadcloth or colorfast neoprene
  • Slimmer fit, with a slipper-like feeling
  • Stuffed with polyfil for extra squish
Outdoor Feetpaws
  • Tough shoe rubber soles, for longevity
  • Fully lined interior with quilted broadcloth, colorfast neoprene, or spacer mesh
  • A more stompy style, with digi heel padding
  • Lightweight foam shell for excellent shape
  • Sockpaw style interior, with room for shoes
  • Stiff nylon loops for durability, to be used with a belt
  • Stuffed with polyfil. Super squishy!
Padded Bodysuits
  • Sturdy sewn-in spacer mesh pockets for padded digi shape, with zippers to easily adjust polyfil stuffing for cleaning and maintenance
  • Zip-on outdoor feet paws
  • Lined front zipper for comfort
  • Double machine stitched seams for durability
  • Tail attached via belt loops
  • No DTD required! I work off around 20 measurements and 3D model the bodysuit to your desired shape


  • Mochi minky claws: +$50
  • Velcro eyelids: +$35 per pair
  • Extra tongues: +$20 each
  • Additional furs: +$55 each
  • Handpaws: $450+
  • Indoor sockpaws: $500+
  • Outdoor feetpaws: $550+
  • Tails: $100+
  • Padded bodysuit: $2,800+
  • Available for previous customers only


No longer available for commission

Premade props will be available on our shop or at conventions only.